Where is Parterre from?
Our brand is based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.
Beautiful path made of red tulips planted by man in natural forest 
What does Parterre mean?
Parterre comes to English by way of French, and directly translated it means 'on the ground'. Feeling grounded and connected to our natural world is important to the people behind the brand. As an ornamental garden with carefully designed plots and walkways, a 'parterre' presents an artistic pattern of carefully arranged plants when seen from above: part nature, part man's wild imagination. This combination of nature, culture and creativity reflects our passionate commitment to ethical style.
Beautiful woman in white dress resting amongst the flowers
My Parterre is an imaginary place where, in the shade of the centuries old giant cedars, maidenhair ferns and dreamy grasses, our bodies feel restored, our minds are set free, and our creativity soars. It is also a virtual mooboard where we pin our best promotions, flash sales, popup store appearances and surprises for our customers. Follow #MyParterre to hear about it all and add your ideas to this virtual space. Join the movement.

Our Mission
Parterre was formed as an answer to a problem many of our vegan and non-vegan friends were experiencing: a limited choice of top quality, cruelty-free, affordable bags and accessories, produced in a sustainable and socially responsible way. We got to work, and founded a direct-to-consumer, cruelty-free, affordable luxury brand. This model allows us to produce small batches of luxury level product with an achievable price tag.
Cruelty - Free
If, like us, you believe that exploiting animals for their skins is not appropriate in today's world, we invite you to try our exceptional products.

Superior Quality
Since the creation of our brand, we have gone far in our pursuit of superior product quality. We combine innovative production technologies with age-old luxury craftsmanship. Our small batch vegan luxury products are created with the highest grade vegan leathers, recycled materials and top quality hardware. This level of quality, with our classic designs, together mean our products are made to last.

Sustainability Commitment
We are committed to being a sustainable operation, and to getting better at it every day. Every operational and design decision reflects our ongoing obligation towards circularity as we learn, innovate and fine-tune our processes and production methods. This year, we have completely eliminated all virgin plastic from our packaging.

We hope you will enjoy our products, as much as we have enjoyed making them.